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Sport in times of Corona

Hello Everyone,


I hope you are all healthy and staying optimistic despite the COVID-19 pandemic! For me it's a rollercoaster; some days I question my whole life and am ready to start a 'real job' with all the securities that come with that and other days I am convinced that I need to keep following my path despite the current difficulties and all uncertainties that life as windsurf athlete brings with it because that is what makes me, me. Currently, the latter is the case and I hope it stays that way. Below are some of the things I've been up to when I wasn't too busy questioning life. 

Sport in times of Corona.

That has been the hot topic I was invited to discuss on multiple Newschannels this month. Bein Sport, Trt Sport, SporTV, NDR, and several Instagram pages all asked me to schedule live streams with them from my home and give an update of my current situation. Another highlight was a talk show with the state council of Sports in Hamburg and our NRV president during a Sportstudio Treffpunkt. we talked about sport and corona and also philosophised about life a little.

MyWindstories Blog

With growing uncertainties over which of our windsurfing camps would be able to survive Corona, Kathi and me chose to focus on those things that we could control rather than the things we have no influence over.  As a result, the MyWindstories Blog is now being updated weekly with stories and interviews from the many water women who inspire us. Check out the latest interviews here.

Windsurfing in Hamburg's Oortkatensee  In Germany, the Corona related movement restrictions have been slightly relieved. This means I can go windsurfing again!!! The first spot I discovered is Oortkatenersee in Hamburg, you can see me foiling there in the picture.  It was quite gusty because of the trees and dike wall but it was just an amazing feeling to be finally back in the water again! The water is very flat and there is a windsurf school here so it looks like a great spot to learn windsurfing. In case you are in Hamburg and keen to learn, make sure to check it out!

The NDR (German TV channel) asked me to share 3 of my favourite warm-up and 3 mat exercises for their home work-out series with athletes they recently started. You can watch the 6 I selected here.

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