As of 2020 I am sponsored by our local favourite sausage company in Hamburg. Salzbrenner Würstchen support the Olympic sailing team of the NRV sailing club and I am proud to be part of this team.

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Point7 and especially founder and owner Andrea Cucchi have been a foundation of support in helping me while establishing myself in the top 3 Women Windsurfers over the passed 5 years. I ride for Point7 since 2015 and just love the comfort and speed of these sails!


Starboard and their motto of Innovation and technology provide me withe the fastest boards and confidence while racing. The other thing I love about Starboard is the importance they place on being environmentally friendly and reducing our carbon footprint! Make sure to check out their webpage.


After having taken the decision to change to German numbers I started researching different sailing Clubs in Germany and quickly figured out which Club I wanted to join. My first choice was the NRV ( Norddeutscher Regatta Verein) located in my new home town Hamburg. It is easily Germany's most successful sailing Club and after having spent the weekend at the NRV with some of their top athletes I am extremely impressed by the professionalism and especially the interdisciplinary team spirit at this club. Thank you NRV for welcoming me with open arms. 

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Stoked to join the Prolimit team in 2018! Prolimit is a harnesses, wetsuits and accessoires brand for windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing and wakeboarding. They have the right technical gear to make sure I'm comfortable in all kinds of conditions check out their webpage!

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Hand-Made Physiotherapy for Athletes is their slogan. I am so happy to have the support of PT-academy, especially since I broke my foot in summer 2018 they have been a tremendous help in my ongoing rehabilitation!

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