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🌭 Salzbrenner - Good News Amongst Chaos 🌭

Just when you think you have it all figured out something else comes along - adapting to changes remains key.

The current situation is outside of anything most of us have experienced in their lifetime.  Above all it's a time to be patient, keep calm and carry on as best as possible. Most of my Windsurfing Events have been cancelled or delayed, when I will compete again seems to be up in the air at the moment. Find out how I'm coping with the current situation in this month Newsletter. 

When Spain announced the drastic lockdown measures, I booked the first flight home and returned to Hamburg.  After arriving in Hamburg, I didn't get checked or told to quarantine, but I decided to do it anyway. The airport and the flight had been extremely busy since everyone was trying to get off the island as fast as possible.  After two weeks of quarantine in Hamburg, Kai and I have now moved to the countryside in Saarland before travel restriction would perhaps not allow us to do so anymore.  Having made sure we are safe to go there was very important to us. After only a few days it is clear that being able to spend this difficult time with family and closer to nature was definitely the right decision for us after quarantine. 

🌭 Salzbrenner - Good News Amongst Chaos 🌭

I'm super excited that amongst all the current uncertainties and problems I am able to announce a new partnership for 2020!  Salzbrenner is a Hamburg based sausage company and I’m really looking forwards to representing them, carrying their Logo’s on my sails all around the world! I’m also especially looking forwards to my next BBQ's. Check out the other Team's sponsored by Salzbrenner here.

Last Minute Photoshooting 

On the morning before having to pack everything and leave the island I was able to squeeze in a little photo shoot with the TWS Photographer Bartek. All images in this Newsletter are from this shoot. My 5.6m AC1 Point7 Sail, with my 60 wide Starboard iSonic is my favourite combo and I had been waiting a while for it to be windy enough to shoot with this kit in the early morning light. These are the first photos with my new sail numbers and I think they turned out pretty well! 

New Video Online - My Warm-up Routine

I just released a little clip for a new stay at home online work out series that my sailing club the NRV started. I share my usual warm-up routine; it's what I do before starting my workouts, but also before competitions and windsurf training. Routines are great and this is how I get my body and mind ready for what's to follow. It's recorded on my balcony which we have repurposed as gym space while in lock down.

What's Next? 

That is indeed the big question. I have started an off-water home workout routine to keep fit, build strength and be ready to go on the water when it's safe again. I have a few video projects including tip's and tutorials planned that I can do from home. But to know when our first events will be is extremely hard to tell at the moment. Honestly though, I feel that in regards to the current situation it has lost in importance and first of all, we all need to get through this crisis together. A big Thank You and my positive thoughts go out to all the amazing doctors and health system workers giving everything to help the victim’s of this stupid virus right now. For us who are not health professionals, there is nothing else we can do but to #stayathome 🙏🏻. Just staying at home, how easy it is to help in this case! So if you can please stay at home, keep your physical distance to people and think of all the people working and risking their lives to help all of us. Be safe in these tough times.  Yours,  Lena Erdil 

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