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January 2020 Newsletter Update

I hope you all had a fantastic start into 2020!

For me it is finally time to share some big news with you. 

My Windstories is here!!! I’m extremely excited to announce the launch of a new project I’ve been working on with my good friend and now business partner Katharina Seelack. Over the passed year we have created a new brand called MyWindstories. On our new Webpage we offer windsurf camps for girls, as well as a Platform with a Blog and Forum with the aim of connecting and growing the windsurfgirls community

For me, MyWindstories is a way to give back to the community and sport that I love. At the same time I really just want to see more girls on the water! I really enjoy sailing with other girls and personally believe, that there is nothing more motivating than seeing another girl do the move you've been practising and I would like to share this feeling with as many girls as possible.”

Kathi Seelack : “For me, as a physiotherapist and passionate windsurfer, My Windstories is a chance to connect both my passions while hopefully helping to strengthen the feeling of community and inspire more girls to be a part of it."  

New Vlog Out Now: Slalom Training is On

After 3 years of being unable to join the Tenerife winter training at the TWS Windsurf Centre, I'm finally back here. I'm super excited to finally be able to properly train again, with my foot injuries giving me troubles the past two years I had to start the competition season with little to no prior training which has been really frustrating! After a lot of travelling and many changes in my life I have finally decided to base myself here for a little while to focus on training and am already so so excited to finally hit top form again!! 

Sadly 2020 also brings the end of a decade together with Red Bull

Red Bull has been my sponsor since 2011, losing a big supporter who over the years had become more than just a sponsor to me, is very sad especially after having had the most difficult season of my career coming back from injury. But it's always difficult to share bad news and perhaps it is a nice moment to look back at all the great achievements together and say Thank You Red Bull:

5 PWA Worldcup overall Podiums 2 IFCA World Titles 1 Indoor World Title 45.78 Knot Speed Record 9 Turkish Championship Titles

I have learned a lot during this partnership and have been told that sometimes when one door closes, a new one opens and that most things end to make room for other things. So on this note I would like to say that I am looking for new partners who would like to support me while I follow my dream of becoming PWA Slalom World Champion. Are you interested in becoming a partner or starting a collaboration with me? 

Get in touch with me at

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